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rochester kings fullArena Pro Football and the Can-Am Indoor Football League have formed an alliance with each other to further advance each leagues goals and successes and to promote the arena/indoor football industry as a whole. Both leagues share a similar concept and business plan for success and will be continued to be run independently of each other while playing regionally within their own leagues. The alliance will allow both leagues added resources and knowledge by strategically working together.

Both leagues have resources that are beneficial to the other and both have their own television networks to air select games, the APF with Blacklight TV and the Can-Am Indoor League with Northeast Sports Network.

Between the two leagues the geographic footprint will range from Canada to Florida along the east coast, while the leagues will play independently of each other during the season both see the benefits of showcasing their talents to fans everywhere and both will participate in the Arena Football Challenge Cup at the completion of the season.

The Arena Football Challenge Cup is scheduled to begin on the weekend of June 24th 2017 and is open to all professional arena/indoor football leagues. It will pit league champion against league champion with a common set of playing rules to see which team is the best in the land. This year’s first two commitments to play in the cup are Arena Pro Football and the Can-Am Indoor Football League.

Arena Pro Football is a first-year professional regional league that will begin playing in the spring of 2017. The league will be operated by a management team of industry veterans and an advisory board of retired NFL players and other executives. The APF management team has over 30 years of experience operating professional sports organizations from minor league baseball to indoor football and major league baseball.

To enhance each team’s success, APF member teams will have access to a strong support system to help maintain reasonable travel, maximize revenue, limit expenses, develop marketing strategies, recruit top athletes and maximize operations.

Arena Pro Football has established an advisory and mentoring board to train and motivate APF players and coaches while preparing them for life as a professional athlete and for life after retirement. The mentoring will also extend to the youth of today with a focus on teaching family values, communication skills, drug and alcohol awareness and the importance of education. Members include a group of former professional athletes and successful business executives. Accomplishments of our board members include NFL experience, Super Bowl championships, NFL Pro Bowl Selections and selection to a US Olympic Team.

The Can-Am Indoor Football League is a professional league that will begin play in the spring of 2017 and will use rules similar to the American Arena style of football, which will help assist players in making it to the next level of competition. The CAN-AM Indoor Football League is a team owned league where by every active team can partake in equal profit sharing within the league.
The newly formed league will debut with 9 franchises consisting of an Eastern and Western division with several other franchises expressing interest in joining the newly formed league.

Arena Pro Football CEO, Anthony Zefiretto, expressed his excitement in the Alliance, “When League President, Jack Bowman and I discussed some of our goals, it was apparent that we both wanted to change the perception of arena football. Forming an alliance with the Can-Am Indoor Football League to play a championship game is another step forward to confirm our commitment to our players, coaches, fans and sponsors.”

“The Can-Am Indoor Football League is very excited to form this new relationship with the Arena Pro Football League. Partnering with other successful franchises will only ensure a long lasting and exciting future.” - Tim Viens, President.

For more information on Arena Pro Football and the Can-Am Indoor Football League go to their respective websites and

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