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Felix Joyner, a Rochester, NY native, is starting a new chapter in his football career by founding the Indoor/Arena football team, the Rochester Kings. Joyner will bring a wealth of experience to his organization having had an amazing 12 year professional football career himself including NFL, CFL, Europe, Arena, and USA National Team experience. Joyner knows what it takes to be successful on and off the field.

The Rochester Kings are based out of Joyner’s home city of Rochester, NY. Joyner looks to build his community up and give players a great opportunity through his organization. Joyner, founder of FJ1, recently hosted a Professional Evaluation Day Camp where select players were invited to a private workout with top scouts. Through his FJ1 organization, Joyner looks to bring many more exposure opportunities like this to his players. Joyner plans to be a personal mentor to his players and wants to be sure they have all the tools, both on and off the field that are needed to the next level of their own careers.

The Rochester Kings will be playing their inaugural season in the Canadian-American (CAN-AM) Indoor Football League. The league will consist of teams from both the U.S. and Canada. The Kings are projected to be one of the top teams in the CAN-AM IFL and we are excited to partner with them! Also, we will be featuring one selected Kings Player each week as The Gridiron Crew Player of the Game. Be on the look-out! It is going to be exciting to see these guys on the field!

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